I will teach you sep by step with pictures  how to make $10.00 to $50.00 per day doing very little work.

The method I will teach you will DEFINITELY get you some money. Whether its $10.00 or $50.00, you will see results in a very fast time! The best thing is, all you need to do is spend 15minutes per day. And thats it!

1) Create an account with Cashle. You can do that by clicking here. . Cashle is a website where you complete surveys for cash. But dont worry! We are not going to be completing surveys at all. We are going to be REFERRING people to sign up under your unique referral link. Cashle will pay you $0.50 for every person you refer. And then an extra $0.50 for every offer they complete. Thats $1 for every person you refer. Get ten or more in a day and thats well over $10
 Once you have signed up, make sure you validate your account by clicking the confirmation link in your email. Then log into your Cashle account. At the top it says "Cash" and you should see $0.50. They will always give you a starting bonus of 50 cents. You should also see some other stuff like "Points" but ignore them for now. Now, at the top, click "REFER OTHERS" and then choose "REFER NEW USERS". Scroll down the page until you see, "STEP 1: SELECT A LANDING PAGE". Now use the arrows provided to get to the "Iphone 4 Page".
3) Then below it says, "STEP 2: PROMOTE THIS LANDING PAGE". And then below that you will see an URL with your Cashle username at the end. That is your REFERRAL LINK. That is very important for you to make money with this method! For example, my referral link is:


4) Now every time someone signs up with that referral link, you will get money. If I signed up under your referral link and completed one offer, you get $1. (Please do not make multiple accounts with Cashle and refer yourself again and again - they WILL find out and you will be banned forever)

Now how do we get people to sign up under our links? Now comes Craigslist!

5) Go to Craigslist and sign up for a free account. Then log in and visit the appropriate section - for example, I live in the UK so I chose to post in the LONDON section. Then click "POST TO CLASSIFIEDS". Then choose "For sale", "Electronics" and you will be taken to the submission page where you type up your ad. Now you must create something similar to the below. (Copy and paste if you want to - but make sure you replace the brackets with your own info):

Quote: Posting Title: FREE iPhone 32GB NO CATCH - 100% FREE

Price: $0.00

Posting Description: My uncle recently gave me an iPhone 32gb, in the box untouched. But I already have an iPhone with my current contract so I am going to give this away to ONE lucky person that emails me. First come first served. I will ship the item to your address today! Please email me at (put in your email here) and I will reply if you are that lucky person!

6) Now publish the ad and it will get shown on the website for thousands of people to see. You are GUARANTEED to get people to email you. (You can make a new email address specially for this method if you want). When someone emails you for the iPhone, you must reply as below. (Again, copy and paste if you want to - make sure you replace the brackets with your own info).

Quote: Thank you for your interest in the free iPhone. Unfortunately, someone else had already messaged me earlier and I have decided to ship the phone to him right now. But I asked my uncle if he had any more and he said he got the iPhone free from (enter your Cashle referral link here). My uncle said he has received over 6 iPhones from that website in a matter of days so I think you should check it out. Again, heres the link: (enter referral link).

Thank you. 7) Thats it! This method has a VERY good conversion rate and many people will always sign up and even if they do not complete an offer, you will still get money when they sign up. The great thing is, you only need $1 on Cashle to withdraw your money. You can withdraw the money to Paypal or even request a cheque! This method only takes around 15minutes per day and you could be on your way to earning a decent amount of money. Once someone signs up under your referral link, your "Cash" status will update with the right amount. To withdraw the money to Paypal, click "GET PAID" and then click "WITHDRAW EARNINGS". Then choose the Paypal option.


- Use a URL shortener to decrease and hide your username in your referral link. You dont have to, but you always can to make it seem more professional.

- Try not to get banned on Craigslist. Do not post more than once.

- Do not make multiple accounts on Cashle. It will only get you banned.

- Be as creative as you want. You dont have to copy me exactly word for word. Just use my method and add your own ideas.